Thursday, May 17, 2012

A few facts about Cannabis

Things you need to know

Cannabis or marijuana is a plant, which was either created by nature or by a higher force.  This plant has been around since the first day of the creation of Earth and there are archeological finds, which prove that humans have been using it as early as 2700 BC.  A shaman’s tomb from ancient China revealed that the ancient Chinese used hemp for different purposes and that they used it on a regular basis.

By the early 500 AD, Cannabis had already made its way to Europe and it was used in many ways as well.  When Christopher Columbus made his voyage to the Americas, he brought cannabis with him and it started to be grown in the New World.  When colonies and other settlements where flourishing around 1600 and 1700, many settlers grew cannabis as a crop and some where even obliged to do it. 

Since those early times, until the early 1900s, cannabis was used as medicine, in fabrics, for recreation and even in the first cars.  In 1919 Holland accepts the Opium Act, which has led to the current acceptance of cannabis in this country.  In 1928, the United Kingdom prohibited the use of marijuana for recreational purposes and in 1937 the US also banned it.  In 1961, most of the countries members of the United Nations vote against cannabis and decide to make it an illegal substance. 

Millions of people around the globe still use cannabis, some for medicinal purposes other for religious purposes and some for recreation or entertainment.  The number of people using cannabis only seems to keep growing and today this crop generates billions of dollars every year, whether it is grown legally or not. 

Many believe cannabis will be legalized soon and if this is a plant, which was given to all of us by nature or a higher force, there is no reason why anybody should be able to make it illegal and prohibit its use to others.  If you feel like cannabis should be made legal once again, (just like it was before the early 1900s), you are part of the Zip 420 population and should do anything that is in your hands to help this become a reality.     

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