Thursday, May 31, 2012


Legalizing Cannabis Will Change The World

Legalzing Cannabis
Legalizing Cannabis
Many people truly believe the world is about to change and that major events in human history are about to take place. These are the stories of what the citizens of Zip 420 have experienced in the past, what they are experiencing right now and what they expect to happen to this world real soon.
Cannabis has only been penalized for around a century and since it was prohibited by the law, radical changes started happening across the globe. This gave place to what we now know as true nightmares in some parts of the world and a real paradise in others.
To change the world, citizens of Zip 420 need to unite and start making wiser decisions together, if we want to make a difference. Important changes are coming and it is up to each Zip 420 citizen to do their part, so we can get the outcome we are all hoping for.

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