Sunday, March 16, 2014

Visiting Amsterdam Coffee Shops

Cannabis At Amsterdam Coffee Shops

After many years of smoking cannabis, I finally got to visit Amsterdam and this is the reason why I 
had not posted anything during the last few days. I know that my trip to Amsterdam may not be 
of much interest to many of you, but I want to tell you about the coffee shops that I got a chance 
to visit and what I think of them. 

I only spent four days in Amsterdam, but it was definitely an experience that I will never forget and 
something that I had to scratch from my bucket list. I had heard and read so many stories about 
the coffee shops and cannabis in Amsterdam that I just had to see them for myself. 

Before I left, I did a little research and found that it is not legal for anyone to smoke cannabis on 
the streets or outside coffee shops, (unless they are at their home). There were some bars, which 
had their smoke rooms and allow people to have a joint or two, but the coffee shops, do not sell 
any alcohol and it is usually not a good idea to ask for a beer or some wine. 

I stayed at Quentin Hotel, which was okay for sleeping and I did not spend too much time there, 
other than showering and sleeping. As soon as I arrived, I asked the lady at the front desk, which 
coffee shop was the closest and she said gave me the directions to a Bulldog Coffee Shop, which 
was only a block or two away. When I arrived there, I could smell the amazing cannabis coming 
from inside and the tables that are located outside. 

I went in and ordered four pre-rolled joints. The small cigarette type box had the word “Reefers” 
written on it and the Amsterdam XXX symbol. I lit the first one and had not smoked more than 
half, when I started feeling its effect. It was something that I had not felt in a long while. (It might 
have been because I had not smoked in a few days). This coffee shop is very nice. It has some nice 
decoration and I really enjoyed how the lady bartenders treated me.

I also liked a coffee shop named Betty Boop. It was very modern looking and it had some very nice 
decoration, related to this cartoon character. I ordered one weed joint and one weed with has 
joint and also smoked a few hits from a bong. I also enjoyed this coffee shop a lot and I am not 
certain if the Bulldog or this one was my favorite one. 

I also visited a couple of other coffee shops in Amsterdam. Their names are “Feels Good” and 
“La Tertulia”. The first one had some amazing pre-rolled joint and at the second one I ate a weed 
brownie, which was very tasty and I also smoked a joint from the four that I had bought at the 
Bulldog. These two coffee shops, had some old decoration and were not very nice at all, but the 
people there were very nice and I had a good time smoking there. 

After tasting the cannabis in these Amsterdam coffee shops and some others, I can say that 
anyone who enjoys consuming cannabis has to visit this amazing city at least once. I will definitely 
try to go back one day and I am very happy that I was finally able to visit some of the coffee shops 
in Amsterdam. 

Hope you enjoyed my story and I will continue publishing some interesting news about marijuana 
and other things related to this fabulous herb. If you want to receive more information from Zip 
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