Monday, March 31, 2014

Will Alaska Legalize Marijuana This Summer?

Alaska May Legalize Marijuana Very Soon

It will be on August 19 of this year, when voters in Alaska, will get the chance to give their vote for statewide elections and other things as well.  One of the things they will be voting on that day, will be if Alaska becomes the third US State to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes.  

According to some poll results by the Alaska State House of Representatives, there are at least 8% more people, who want marijuana legalized in this State, than the people who feel should remain illegal.  More democrats and younger people, are the ones who are supporting cannabis legalization in Alaska and there are many Republicans and people over 45, who are still against this new marijuana bill.  

At the moment, Alaska residents do not face any penalties, if they keep their marijuana consumption within their home or property, but people can be placed in jail for possession and consumption of cannabis outside their homes.  

The new marijuana legalization proposition, would allow people to posses cannabis statewide and it would also help for the future commercialization of this herb.  People who are not older than 21 years of age, will not be able to purchase or consume cannabis legally and there will also be a $50 tax over every cannabis related transaction.  

While the State of Alaska, is still not certain about how much money they will generate through this, there are many people who are feeling very positive about it and who believe that legalization is just around the corner.  Bill Fikes, who is the owner of Alaska Hemp, told the Alaska Dispatch, "I just think marijuana is going to revolutionize things in Alaska, as much as oil ever did.  The prospect for jobs and new business start-ups is phenomenal.  All Alaskans should be excited about it."

Ethan Nadelmann, who is a marijuana legalization activist, stated "If you think about it, who has the best access to marijuana in America? It's teenagers.  Who had the best access 10 years ago? Teenagers.  There's three national surveys where teens say it is easier to buy marijuana than alcohol.  If ever there was an indictment of failure of current marijuana policies, that's it." 

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