Wednesday, March 19, 2014

There Is Now A Cryptocurrency For Marijuana

New Cryptocurrencies For Purchasing Marijuana

Most of us have heard about BitCoin and other of the cryptocurrencies that are being created worldwide, but you may not have heard about the two new cryptocurrencies, which are focused on allowing people to purchase marijuana securely, whether it is legal or not.  

Security and safety, is one of the main concerns and promises from these cryptocurrency developers and some believe that they may have some effect on the continuous drug war, which appears to have no positive results anywhere in the world.  

The names of these cryptocurrencies are: PotCoins and DopeCoin, which are perfect for promoting their marijuana related goals.  They are definintely the first cryptocurrencies meant solely for the drug marketplace and this is great news for everyone who consumes marijuana, as traditional banks have not yet allowed people to freely do marijuana transactions with their funds and this is why these is great news for the cannabis industry.  

Goals Of These Marijuana Cryptocurrencies

Potcoin's goal is to focuses on helping people who already live in a US State that has legalized marijuana for either recreational or medical purposes.  DopeCoin, has a little different goal in mind, as they are planning to focus on the legal and illegal marijuana markets out there.  

"Mr. Jones", which is an alias for one of PotCoin developers, stated that they are focusing on being accepted by some of the legal marijuana markets out there, like the people who grow and sell marijuana in Colorado, Vancouver, Washington and even in some of the coffee shops in Amsterdam.  April will bring a cryptocurrency convention in New York and this is when the two developers of PotCoin, plan to make their venture public.  

DopeCoin's developer, "Dopey", stated that they are planning to help people buy marijuana legally or illegally online.  They plan to be the cryptocurrency for sites like Silk Road and  Dopey's exact words were, "We're the bad boys of cryptocurrency.  I would never advocate illegal drug use or any illegal activity to do with this currency.  This is a digital currency, created by the people, for the people and what the people do with it has the same consequences and responsibilities that they would have for the American dollar."   

Benefits Of These Marijuana Cryptocurrencies

While some people may think of these digital currencies as scams or something not useful at all, they might actually benefit the entire world and change the way we look at drugs once and for all.  Because marijuana is still not legal in most countries and traditional banks are still not working with some of the legal marijuana markets out there, these cryptocurrencies may offer the entire industry a new method for completing their transactions and allowing these businesses to grow.  

Digital currencies, will also add security to marijuana dispensaries, as they would not have to handle any cash and they would not be susceptible to robberies and other criminal activity.  Please remember to share and like this blog post and to subscribe to our free newsletter to the right.  

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