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All You Need To Know About Weed Plant Stages

Everything About Weed Plant Stages!!

It does not matter where marijuana is grown, it will still need to go through several stages, in order to produce some high quality buds.  As you probably already know, marijuana can be grown outdoors or indoors, which is why, some people may have some problems identifying some of the different weed plant stages.

In this blog post, we will tell you a little more about these marijuana plant stages and how you can identify them.  If you are lucky enough to live in a place were people are allowed to grow their own cannabis, this information will surely help you to become a more experienced grower.  

The Different Weed Plant Stages

  1. Germination Stage - This is the beginning of it all and it is when you create the perfection environment, for a cannabis seed to grow.  There are different ways of germinating marijuana seeds, but one that has worked perfectly for many is, to place the seeds in a wet napkin and then place that napkin in a plastic bag or sealed container for a couple of days.  The seeds will start germinating after some time and you will only need to switch them to a pot with soil or other growing medium that you might be using.  
  2. Vegetative Stage - After placing your germinated marijuana seeds in a pot, you will soon start seeing the small plant popping out and two small leaves will start to form.  From here on, your plant will be in the vegetative stage and it can remain there for as long as the climate allows it or as long as you want it too.  During this stage of the weed plant stages, your cannabis plant will require light and water, in order to grow and mature.  You can manipulate the time your plant spends in vegetative stage, in an indoor grow and this can change its size, its yield and much more.  When growing outside, you will have to stick to the seasons of the year, in order for your plant to get the most sun light during the vegetative stage and so it can grow as it is supposed to.  When growing indoors, there are plenty of theories and strategies for manipulating your plant and making the most of out it, but this will require another article.  
  3. Flowering Stage - After several weeks of being in a vegetative stage, your plant will go into the flowering stage, which is almost the last one and one of the most interesting for most cannabis lovers.  During this stage of the weed plant stages, the marijuana plant will begin to flower and you will see some distinct changes.  This is when you can see if your plant is a male or a female and decide whether you want to keep all of them and have seeds or cut off the males and have only perfect marijuana buds.  If growing indoors, your plants will need to go in to a 12-12 hour light period and you will know when they are ready to harvest, when its thricomes say so.  These are the tiny white dots that you will see on your plant and if you use a magnifying glass, you will know exactly when to harvest your marijuana plants.  
  4. Harvesting & Curing Stage - After waiting for those thricomes to turn as amber as possible, you will have about five to seven days to harvest your cannabis buds, if you want full potency and the best stony effect.  Remember that a magnifying glass is really helpful for identifying the color in the thricomes and when at least 1/2 of them turn an amber color.  You should also have stopped using nutrients, if using any at all and have been watering with only water for a few days now.  This will give your cannabis bud a better taste in the end.  After harvesting, you should try to trim those marijuana plants right away, as this will allow the air to get into those buds and really cure properly.  You should try to trim all of the leaves and leaves tips that are close to your buds and put all of them in a dark room to dry.  They can be hung from a string and then placed in a glass jar, so they can cure for a few days more.  Remember that patience is the best way to get high quality buds!!!
We hope that this list of the weed plant stages, has helped you to learn a little more about them and how you can start growing your own marijuana plants too.  Please remember to share and like this article, so that more people can read about these marijuana plant stages and promote the legalization of cannabis worldwide.  Don't forget to sign up for our free newsletter, by leaving us your email in the box to the right and we will send you more interesting news and information about marijuana. 

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