Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New York City Changes Its Marijuana Laws

NYC Allows Possession Of Cannabis

It was this Monday, when Mayor de Blasio and NYPD Chief Bill Bratton, decided to announce that the marijuana laws in New York City will be very different, after November 19th of this year.  According to them, after this date, people who are caught with 25 grams of cannabis or less, will only be getting a ticket and will not be arrested, like they have been doing so, for the past few decades.  

This hopefully will be true, as of today, many people living in the poorest neighborhoods and colored people in NYC, are still being arrested by some cops, when they ask them to empty their pockets and find some marijuana on them.  

After November 19th, this should not happen again and even the Chief of the NYPD, decided to show a Ziploc bag, which he claimed was 25 grams of oregano, in order to show people what the limited amount of marijuana in NYC will be.  

This is yet another huge step towards marijuana regulation and if police departments respect these new laws, we will soon see an entirely different world.  

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