Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Should Marijuana Users Worry About Their Job?

What Do Employers Think About Cannabis Users

Whether you are a medical or recreational marijuana user, you might be thinking about what your rights are at work and what your employer might think, if they find out that you consume cannabis.  

Today, marijuana's regulation momentum is building up and believe it or not, there are still some employers who might take some actions,  against people who consume marijuana.

Although medical marijuana is now legal in 21 States of the US and recreational cannabis is legal in four, there are still some murky laws and regulations out there.  An example of this is Brandon Coats, who is a medical marijuana user and has a card from the State of Colorado, as he is a quadriplegic.  

Coats used to work for Dish Network, but he was fired from his job, because his employers found out that he consumed marijuana.  While he claims that he was never under the influence of this herb at work, we still believe that the company should not have fired him, as this is a medicine that he needs and makes him feel better.  He probably performed better at work, thanks to marijuana, too!  


Cases like this, should no longer be happening and this is why you should still be careful about letting your employer know about you consuming cannabis, as you never know how they might react.  I am certain that there are many employers out there, who understand the value of marijuana as a medicine and some that might even respect recreational marijuana users.  

We need to regulate cannabis in a way that benefits every one and the countries and States of the US, which have already taken actions towards this, will soon let us know how beneficial it is to change marijuana prohibitionist laws.  

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