Monday, November 3, 2014

Tomorrow Is An Important Day For Marijuana Regulation

Voting Yes On Marijuana

November 4th, 2014, will certainly be an important date in the history of cannabis regulation, as four States in the US, are voting on whether to decriminalize this plant for medicinal or recreational purposes.  

If some of the marijuana proposals in these States are accepted, the current momentum for cannabis regulation will gain more strength and it should not be long, until we see other States and countries around the world doing the same.  Many people have their eyes on these States right now and at Zip 420, we can only hope that voters make the right decision and approve the marijuana proposals that were made this year.  

Here is a little more about the States that could legalize cannabis very soon and how likely it is that they do:

  1. D.C - Fully legalize marijuana - It is very likely that this will happen
  2. Oregon - Fully legalize cannabis - It is probable that this will happen
  3. Alaska - Fully legalize marijuana - 50-50 chance that this will happen
  4. Florida - Legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes - It is uncertain what will happen
If you live in one of these States and are planning to vote tomorrow, remember that cannabis is a medicine for millions of people out there and that it is just a past time for others.  Marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol and tobacco, which means it should also be regulated and available to all those people who need it or decide that they want to consume it.  

We want cannabis legalized and so should you!

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