Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Medical Marijuana Oil Reaches Mexico Legally

Grace Is Now Taking Medical Cannabis Oil

A few weeks ago, we told you about this little girl named Grace, from Monterrey, Mexico, who was going to be able to get medical marijuana oil legally, to help her with her disease.  The poor girl has been suffering from a type of epilepsy, which causes her to have more than 400 spasm attacks per day.  

As said above, just a few weeks ago, a federal judge allowed her parents to import some medical cannabis oils, which is already being used successfully, in the US and other countries to treat children with similar diseases.  Grace's parents were able to import the marijuana oil from the UK and it finally arrived in Mexico yesterday.

Grace is now being treated with this cannabis oil, which is simply put in her food and does not change anything else in her life.  Hopefully, this will work out for her and her spasm attacks will stop for sure.

If this medical marijuana oil does help out Grace, (and we are certain that it will) Mexico will surely change its cannabis laws very soon.  Politicians in this country have already been talking about it and this is definitely the next step to take.  

There is no doubt about the benefits of medical cannabis and there are also no doubts about the unsuccessful results of the war against drugs.  This is why some governments are already deciding that marijuana should be legal for both medical and recreational purposes.  

Please remember to share and like this blog post, so that more people can read about medical marijuana reaching Mexico legally and to say a prayer for little Grace.  We really do hope that she feels better soon and at Zip 420, we will continue to tell you all about her case. 

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