Friday, October 30, 2015

Legalizing Marijuana in Mexico

Cannabis Is Very Likely Going To Be Legal In Mexico Soon

As we have been telling you for the past few weeks here, a little girl named Grace from Monterrey, Mexico, has recently received some cannabis oil for her severe epilepsy and seizures.  According to her parents, they are already seeing some improvements in her and this is not only excellent news for them, but for everyone in the world who could benefit from medical marijuana too.  

Raul Elizalde, who is Grace's father, recently stated to the press, "We're very happy because what we are seeing is that Grace is sleeping continuously through the nights, something that she had not done in months."

This week, there was a plan to talk about legalizing cannabis in Mexico for recreational purposes, but it has been rescheduled for another week or maybe longer.  Although people like the Elizaldes are not looking to regulate marijuana for recreational purposes, they are still in favor of doing so, becuase this would benefit their child and many others too.  

Dr. Carlos Aguirre Velazquez, who is the chief of pediatric neurology at Monterrey's Children's Hospital, stated "we know that there are at least 40 families right now, that have been organizing around Grace's parents." as there are now more families interested in trying medical marijuana on their loved ones.  "We don't know what the final result will be, but I believe it is time to set aside our positions and have debates about this" continued Dr. Aguirre.  

It is obvious that marijuana can help some people with certain diseases and Grace will surely see more positive results in the near future.  Hopefully Mexico's court does not keep postponing the hearing for legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes, so that these laws final can change and people like Grace can benefit from this herb.  

The War on Drugs has not worked either, so it is time to end the War on Marijuana at least.  

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