Sunday, October 4, 2015

The First Cannabis Theme Park In The World

The US Will Have The First Marijuana Theme Park Ever

According to some statements and recent news, some Native American tribes are now thinking about other businesses, rather than casinos and one of their ideas includes the world's first cannabis theme park.  

The Santee Sioux tribe, which is located in South Dakota, are now considering a new enterprise and they are considering adding a marijuana smoking room to it. According to Anthony Reider, who is the Tribe's President, "We want it to be an adult playground.  There's nowhere else in the US that has something like this."

Some of their investigations, have yielded fantastic results and they believe that this new project could earn them around $2 million every single month.  The facility is already being worked on and this means taht the project is already on its way.  

The tribe's members are hoping that this will generate more income, so that they do not have to depend on casinos only.  

Marijuana has been legal on Santee Sioux territory since this past June and this is why some tribe leaders are already working on getting involved in the new cannabis industry.  

Hopefully this new project suceeds, as we expect it to and more people start realizing that marijuana is really harmless.  

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