Monday, January 11, 2016

Marijuana Art Projects

Some Great Cannabis Art Ideas

At Zip420 we love marijuana and we like this plant so much that we even enjoy decorating some of our rooms with cannabis leaves, hemp made products or marijuana art.  Today, we want to show you some fantastic creations, which have something to do with the marijuana plant.  So keep on reading and get some inspiration for decorating your home or office with some cannabis art.  

Marijuana Art Ideas

A Simple Duct Tape Marijuana Plant Pen

This is a very simple project if you are a little creative and it will certainly come in handy, when wanting to write something down.  This requires a common pen and some duct tape.  You will also need some permanent green markers or something to turn that duct tape into a nice green color.  Then simply turn the duct tape into a marijuana leave or plant and stick it to your pen.  It can really look fantastic.  

Marijuana Pumpkin Lantern

This project can work even when it is not Halloween, as it looks lovely and can make any room or space more interesting.  This is also a very simple project, as you will only need a pumpkins some cutting tools and a candle.  You simply hallow out a pumpkin, draw a cannabis leave or plant on your pumpkin and cut it out.  You will then place the lamp or candle inside your pumpkin and the light will make that marijuana plant look amazing.  

Cannabis Cake 

This is a harder type of project and it is definitely not something that most of us can do.  This cake is fantastic.  It will take some cooking experience and some creativity, but as you can see, you can come up with a great looking marijuana cake, which does not only grab the attention of everyone, but it will also taste great.  (Add some cannabutter to it and make it taste even better,if you know what I mean)

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