Sunday, January 24, 2016

NYC Has A Medical Marijuana Dispensary Now!

Medical Cannabis in New York City

After a long wait and many debates, some citizens of NYC, will finally get the opportunity to buy some medical marijuana in a local dispensary.  Columbia Care is the first medical cannabis dispensary to open its doors in this city and this is a great step towards the regulation of marijuana all over the world.  

This is only the first of three other dispensaries that will be opening in this region and at Zip420 we are very glad that this is happening.  It was completely absurb that people who need marijuana as medicine, would be arrested in New York City and we can only hope that more dispensaries start opening everywhere.  

As we have mentioned many times, marijuana prohibition and the war on drugs have failed and legalizing marijuana is a step towards changing this.  

The new medical marijuana dispensary in NYC, is located on near Union Square and it is said to have some very stylish decorations.  Although the dispensaries in New York City will not be selling marijuana as other dispensaries do around the country, they will have a nice variety of pills and THC oils.  

It is also still hard to get a medical marijuana card in New York City and not many patients have had access to them.  The most logic thing to do, would be to fully legalize this herb and stop lying about this herb.  

The Department of Health has stated that there are only 150 doctors who can provide people with a medical cannabis card in this State.  Medical marijuana is also not covered by insurances yet, so this is something that needs to be changed today. 

Overall, we are happy that some people will be able to buy marijuana legally for medicine in NYC and we can only hope that this is soon moderated, so that more people can have access to this herb.  

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