Saturday, February 27, 2016

Zip420 Club Is Coming Soon

A Place For Cannabis Enthusiasts

If you are reading this, you probably love marijuana as much as we do and this is why we want to tell you about the new Zip420 Club.  This club is going to be all about cannabis and we want you to be part of it. 

Zip420 Club will give you access to tons of useful cannabis related information and materials.  The club will also feature a community for members to post their opinions, contribute some of their knowledge and share marijuana related stuff between each other.  There will also be a marketplace inside the community, so members can trade, sell or buy cannabis related items.   

The new Zip420 Club will be completely FREE, but in order to become a member you will need an invitation code.  This is meant to keep our cannabis club safe and with real members who are interested in the marijuana industry.  These invitation codes will help to keep out people who are not interested in cannabis, unfriendly cops and trolls, as this will be a community for cannabis enthusiasts.  "We only want members who love cannabis as much as we do and who can contribute one way or another."  

We will be creating different invitation codes over the next few months and we will accept some people depending on their personal stories, their contributions to the cannabis industry or their views on the legalization of marijuana worldwide.   Members will also be able to invite their trustworthy friends at some point.  

In the next few days, the first invitation code will become available and it will allow you to register as a Zip420 Club member for FREE.  The first invitation code will only work for 420 people and these members will become Zip420 Club founders.  These founding club members, will have access to special parts of the community, they will have access to special opportunities and more.  Founding members will also receive special coupons for the new Zip420 Store, which will also be available inside the club.  The new Zip420 Store will have some of the best marijuana related products available for sale and it will only be accessible to members of the new Zip420 Club.  

People who are currently receiving our newsletters, will receive the first invitation code before everyone else.  They will receive an email a few hours before we post the invitation code for club founders here, so if you are not a Zip420 newsletter member yet, we recommend that you sign up for free in the box to the right.

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