Friday, March 4, 2016

Is Kief Really Stronger Than Cannabis?

What Is Kief?

When you look at marijuana buds very closely, you will see that they have some very tiny crystal type things on them and these are commonly known as trichomes.  According to some experts, these tiny crystals help to protect the cannabis plant from predators and other problems, but once they dry up and become a resin, they are called Kief and according to most, this resin can produce an intense high.  

Cannabinoids are mainly produced by Trichomes and this is why the high can vary distinctively, depending on how and when the cannabis buds are harvested.  It can be said that Kief is a concentranted type of marijuana, which does give a stronger high.  

If Kief has a light color, then it is purer than if it a little more brownish.  So get out there and find yourself some Kief.  Smoke it and see why it is can give you a powerful high.  

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