Saturday, February 6, 2016

Woody Harrelson Applies For Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Woody Wants A Medical Cannabis Dispensary!

If you do not know who Woody Harrelson is, you are certainly not a big fan of television shows and movies.  Woody is a very famous actor and he has recently made public that he applied for a medical marijuana dispensary license.  

Woody is now a famous medical cannabis advocate and he is one of the 60 people who applied for a marijuana dispensary license in Hawaii. 

Simple Organic Living is Woody's business and he applied for the card under this name.  Applicants who are selected, will need to have $1 million in cash, plus $100000 for each dispensary location that they want to open.  Applicants must also be residents of Hawaii and they must have been living there for at least five years.  

Eight licenses will be granted to applicants and this means that Woody has a very good chance of opening his very own medical cannabis dispensary in Hawaii very soon.  The medical marijuana dispensaries are meant to open in July, so the results will surely be available in the next few weeks.  

Zip420 wants to wish Woody good luck and we really hope that you get your very own medical marijuana dispensary.  

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