Thursday, March 24, 2016

Free Cannabis For Picking Up Trash

Colorado Springs Gives Out Marijuana For Picking Up Trash

A new event recently took place in Colorado Springs, Co. and it was all about making this city more beautiful, while promoting cannabis too.  The event´s goal is to ¨make Colorado Springs more beautiful, one trash bag at a time,¨ and it has a great reward, as it rewards people with one marijuana joint for free.  

Yes you read right, they are giving away some cannabis for free.  Steve Pacheco, who is the owner of The Pothole, stated ¨we are going to go out here on the West side and clean up off of Cimarron and the park off of 26th.  As you bring back bags of trash to me, I am going to give you a joint per bag you bring back.¨ 

The best part about all this is that people are not only doing this for the free marijuana, but because they really want to.  One of the volunteers stated, ¨I hike every day and I see trash on every single trail and it saddens me. So it feels good to actually go pick the trash up.  I don´t mind it because I use the trail.¨

So as you can see here, the main goals are to promote clean cities and a good environment, while promoting the cannabis industry at the same time.  Pacheco also stated, ¨to show that we are a positive impact.  There is nothing wrong with weed and there is nothing wrong with our kind of people.¨   

You can still join the Zip 420 Club and become a club founder for free.  You can visit the tab above and ask for your invitation code or you can click here to find a code.  

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