Saturday, March 19, 2016

Another Cannabis Stock To Invest In

Invest in the Cannabis Industry

Thanks to some new laws and regulations around the world, the cannabis industry is now becoming legal in some parts and this is why we should start thinking about investing in this industry.  Today, we want to tell you about another marijuana stock that will become available to invest in and we think that this is great news for the cannabis industry.  

AusCann, which is a medical cannabis company, has recently agreed to take over TW Holdings, which is known for being involved in the wine industry and is listed in the ASW market.  TW Holdings will allegedly change its name to AusCann Group and they will work together to raise at least three million to start growing cannabis.  

Elaine Darby, who is the managing director at AusCann stated that thanks to some changes during February to the Australian Narcotics Drug Act, it is now possible for them to expand their marijuana grow plans.  

The new amandments allow seriously sick people to have access to cannabis and they also allow the growth of this plant, for medicine and scientific study.  

This is great news for the cannabis industry worldwide and at Zip420 we are very happy about this.  The Australian Share Market also allows investors to trade stock of MMJ Phytotech and MGC Pharmaceuticals, which are also marijuana related businesses.  

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