Monday, May 2, 2016

Recreational Marijuana Licenses Have Been Approved in Oregon

Oregon Approves Recreational Cannabis Licenses

It appears that a new recreational marijuana industry will be available in Oregon on January 2017, as the Oregon Liquor Control Commission has just approved its first recreational cannabis licenses last Friday.  

Eight growing licenses have been awarded under the new regulation system, as the OLCC is now in charge of the recreational cannabis industry in Oregon.  

Rob Patridge, who is Chariman of OLCC stated on Friday, "these licensesreflect the pioneering spirit Oregon is known for.  They come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences and possess the entrepreneurial spirit of this industry."

The eight growing licenses that were awarded, include a variety of large, medium and small growing facilities, as well as some indoor and outdoor facilities.  According to the new rules, these licensed growers will have to pay their annual licensing fee, in order to start operating.  

The OLCC will be meeting every week until early July, to analyze and approve more marijuana growing licenses.  

Since Friday, the OLCC has received more than 900 recreational cannabis license applications, which is proof of the interest of people in this industry.  

Many of the currently active marijuana dispensaries in Oregon, will be part of the early recreational marijuana sales and you should be ready for it too.  

We are finally legalizing marijuana one state and country at a time.  

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  1. I don't need a license to brew or drink beer so why do you need one to grow or consume cannabis? How is that legal?