Sunday, June 19, 2016

The US Government Is Legalizing Marijuana on August 1st & Mexico Follows

Cannabis Will Be Legalized on August 1st

The DEA, is planning to reclassify cannabis as a "Schedule Two" drug on August 1st, 2016.  This basically means that medical marijuana will be legal in all 50 States of the US, with a doctor's prescription.  

This was announced by one of the DEA's lawyers and his exact words were, "whatever the law may be in California, Arizona or Utah or any other State, because of Federal preemption this will have the effect of making THC products legal with a prescription, in all 50 States.  There are five DEA schedules.  Nothing on Schedule One is ever legal, and that is where cannabis is today.  Schedule Two drugs are available with a prescription."

While this may be good news for people who really do need marijuana as a medicine, it will not be very good news for medicinal cannabis dispensaries and clinics, as this new rescheduling will also means that stores or pharmacies like Walgreen's and Rite-Aid, will also be able to sell THC products, like the famous marijuana edibles that we are seeing now.  However, these stores will not be able to sell cannabis buds that can be smoked.  

Mexico Is Allowing Medicinal Marijuana Nationwide Too!!

On another note; Mexican authorities and Senators, had a meeting this week, where they proclaimed medicinal cannabis legal nationwide.  They are still to establish who will be allowed to grow this herb, who will process it, how it will be sold or if THC products will be imported from countries like the US.  

The next meeting is set to take place on September, which means that Mexico will follow the US in its rescheduling marijuana and allowing its citizens to consume this herb as a medicine with a doctor's prescription.  

These are two great news, although authorities are working on this very slow and marijuana should of have never been made illegal at all.  

Cannabis is a plant and we should all be able to grow it and consume it as we like!!!

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