Monday, June 27, 2016

A Cannabis Golf Tournament

The Second Annaul Fore Twenty Golf Tournament

It will be this June 30th, when the Second Annual Fore Twenty Golf Tournament will take place in Oregon, Portland.  Many entrepreneurs and professionals who are involved in the cannabis industry, will be playing in this tournament and lighting up too.  

This tournament is meant to become a tradition, were cannabis entrepreneurs can make new business relationships and have some fun playing golf.  55 different brands will be involved in this year's tournament and they will compete against the defending champions, MRX Labs.  

This golf tournament is a private event and it is already sold out.  Some celebrities are already interested in being part of it and this is certainly helping cannabis to become more accepted in the US and all over the world.  

Cliff Robinson, who is a former NBA All Star and in favor of marijuana, will be participating in this golf tournament.  This event will not only promote the legalization of marijuana, but it will also give a very deserving break to all the cannabis entrepreneurs who are doing something to change the current marijuana laws.

There are more similar tournaments planned for September and this will give other cannabis enthusiasts the opportunity to sign up and be part of this.  The specific dates have not yet been established, but Fore Twenty Sports is expecting to release them very soon.  

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