Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Italy's Cannabis Laws Might Change Soon

Italy Might Change Its Laws On Marijuana

It will be this month of July, when the Italian Parliament, will start debating about making some changes to their current cannabis laws, which might legalize this herb and make some historic changes in this country.  

It will be on July 25th, when the draft legislation will be presented for the first time ever.  On the 26th, politicians will start voting on this draft and decide whether the bill will be sent to the Upper House for further analysis and approval.  

The current proposal, will sure need some amendments and changes, but at Zip420 we think that this proposal is great news.  At the moment, the draft proposal would allow the following:

  • Possession - Citizens will have the right to carry up to 5 grams of cannabis when they are out on the streets and up to 15 grams inside their homes.  
  • Cannabis Growth - Citizens will have the right to freely grow up to five marijuana plants inside their homes, but they will not be allowed to sell what they grow.  There will be some new clubs, formed by up to 50 members each, were growers will have the right to swap and share some of their harvest.
  • Sale - The government will open up some licensed stores, which will offer cannabis to citizens. 
  • Restrictions - It will not be permitted for citizens to smoke marijuana in public places, such as parks and streets.  Driving after consuming cannabis, will also be illegal if this new laws are accepted and exporting marijuana will also be restricted.  

The inter parliamentary group, Cannabis Legale, was the one to create this proposal back in July 15th of last year and today they now have 220 MPs and 73 senators in their favor.  

According to some recent polls, at least 83% of Italians agree that the current laws are useless and at least 73% are in favor of completely legalizing cannabis.  At least 58% of citizens in this country, believe that the new laws, could really help the economy of their country.  

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