Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Medical Marijuana Is Reducing Prescription Drug Use

New Study Proves That Medical Cannabis Reduces Prescription Drug Use

According to a new research study, people are now consuming less prescription drugs and this is all because of using cannabis as medicine.  

Researchers from the University of Georgia carried out this study and they found that States that have legalized medical marijuana are now prescribing less drugs.  Not only is this taking place, but according to the study, the government is also saving some money, because they are not having to pay as many prescribed drugs to Medicare patients.  

The study was formed with information from 2010 to 2013 and included patients who can actually benefit from medicinal cannabis.  According to Ashley Bradford and David Bradford, who were the researchers, eight out of nine conditions now have less filled prescriptions, than they did before.

The results also show that medicinal marijuana helped the government to save more than $165 million just in 2013 in Medicare.  David Bradford stated, "Those reductions in expenditures could then be reallocated to other kinds of important and unmet medical needs at the moment.  What our evidence is suggesting is that the response that the patients are having and that physicians are having is that there is a significant amount of actual clinical use at work" 

Overall, this is yet more proof about the benefits of marijuana.  Not only does it help patients, but it also reduces government expenses, it creates new job opportunities, it creates more tax revenues, it promotes tourism and more.  We need to allow marijuana everywhere today!!

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