Tuesday, July 19, 2016

'Altered State: Marijuana in California' Is Now Open To The Public

A Unique Cannabis Exhibition

The Oakland Museum has recently started showcasing its new exhibition titled 'Altered State: Marijuana in California', which is all about the history of this herb, works of art and other interesting documents.  

Our favorite herb is very popular around the world and thanks to new ideals, we are now looking at marijuana differently as a society.  California was one of the first states in the US to legalize cannabis and this new exhibition will be about its recent history and its science.  

This exhibition will be open to the public for the next few months and it is already a sensation among many cannabis enthusiasts. As said before, the exhibition will have works of art, important political papers, discussion about the plant and much more.  

According to the organizers of this event, the exhibition is meant to help everyone understand more about marijuana and how it has affected our communities in the last few decades.  

At the moment, 35 states in the US have legalized medicinal cannabis and four have legalized recreational marijuana, including the capital's state.  

The exhibition is divided into 10 different sections and these are: science of cannabis, medical marijuana, profitable herb, sacred ganja, criminal drug, creative herb, bad herb, political tendencies, herb and youth and the recreational joint.  This project was created over two years of hard work and it has a lot of participants.  

The Oakland Museum will have 'Altered State: Marijuana in California' open to the public until September 25th, so hurry up and try to visit this exhibition before it goes away...

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