Saturday, August 6, 2016

Marijuana Grow Operations Are Increasing

DEA Believes Marijuana Grow Operations Will Become The New Meth Houses

The DEA is now worrying about a new "problem", (according to them), which is that cannabis grow operations are increasing and that they will most likely become the new meth houses around the world.  

According to the DEA, large marijuana farms are being established indoors in residential areas of Colorado and other parts of the US.  The report states that some cannabis growers are taking advantage of some loopholes in the current laws and are exceeding their marijuana grow limits.  

In Colorado:

Amendment 64, the law allowing people to grow and consume marijuana in their homes, also allows any adult in Colorado to "assist" any other adult in "possessing, growing, processing, or transporting" marijuana. Another provision, Amendment 20, allows caregivers — who grow marijuana for medical purposes — the ability to grow up to 99 plants for their patients. 
These are the loopholes that have allowed some cannabis growers to create large operations in residential areas and this is certainly something that the DEA does not like.

Some experts believe that just like meth houses, some of these grow operations will also leave some of these houses unusable and that they are affecting the community in more than one way.  

We should certainly not encourage large grow operations in residential areas and we hope that people start being more responsible, as we need to fully legalize or regulate marijuana worldwide and actions like these will not help the movement.  We have come a long way and we are certain that cannabis will be fully legal everywhere very soon.  

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