Monday, August 15, 2016

WikiLeaf Brings Price Transparency For Marijuana

Knowing Your Cannabis Prices

It was in 2014, when Daniel Nelson, decided to create WikiLeaf, claiming that he wanted to know more about the prices of medical marijuana in his area, as he uses this herb to forget about his lower back pain.

“I originally built Wikileaf for myself in 2014, really to find transparency in a marketplace that was so in the shadows”, stated Nelson to the press. His main goal is to let other people know how much cannabis costs around them, so they can get their money’s worth.

Today, Wikileaf is used by more than 150000 people every month and it now includes recreational cannabis dispensaries that are located around the US.

The website allows visitors to easily find dispensaries by their prices and to compare prices as well. There is an option for users to type in how much cannabis they want to buy and the average price in a certain area, will show up n your screen.

The site also allows users to find a specific strain or to browse marijuana based on its effect, while comparing prices in different dispensaries. The strains that show up on the screen, will also include a basic information section, such asits normal effects and how much THC content it has.

Nelson also stated, “we’re really in it for everybody, whether its your first experience with cannabis or your five-hundredth experience with cannabis. We’re all in for transparency and educating the consumer on any level. That’s kind of our ultimate goal.

Thanks to people like Nelson, the cannabis industry will surely be more transparent in upcoming years and we will finally have more marijuana businesses all around us. Please remember to share and like this blog post, so that more people can read about Wikileaf.

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