Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lib Dem Shake Up, May Help To Legalize Marijuana

The Legalization Of Marijuana Is Getting Closer Every Day

According to The Sunday Times, some ministers from the Liberal and Democrat parties in the US, have proposed to legalize marijuana in the recent government shake up.  Many now believe, that this herb needs to be legalized, as it will help the country to raise some money, in order to pay the debt and continue prospering. 
This recent government shake up, could very well mean the legalization of marijuana is closer than we expect and that some radical changes are about to happen.  Not many people are certain of what might happen after this next week and if the Liberal Democrat shake up continues, we might very well see some changes in cannabis laws.


Marijuana Will Be Legalized Very Soon

Many believe, that only Theresa May, who is the Home Secretary, will be opposed to many of the new proposals for legalizing cannabis and we can only hope that she has opened up her mind and opted for the only option left.  It is obvious that fighting the war on drugs is not giving any results and that it is a major factor of the US being in dept. 
If we legalize marijuana, we would not need to keep funding police officials, who fight against cannabis and we would not have to keep sustaining prisoners who have been arrested for possessing this herb.  It is time to open up our minds and accept that cannabis is more than just a herb, it is a medicine and if we continue with the laws that we currently have, many countries will continue to suffer some consequences.
Legalizing marijuana will allow patients to really benefit from this herb and to not have to go to a black market, in order to get their medicine.  Governments will be able to tax it, just as they normally do with other products in the market and stop investing in ridiculous prohibitionist laws.  Recreational use of marijuana, is not as dangerous as we have been told in the past and many professionals, scientific studies and physicians are agreeing with this now. 
More countries are looking into the legalization of this herb and this only proves we are on the right path.  Please remember to share and like this article, so that more people can know about how close we are to legalizing marijuana around the world.  You can also subscribe to our free newsletter, by leaving us your email in the box to the right.  We will send you some interesting stuff about marijuana and keep you informed about this herb. 

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