Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Woman Spends All Her Compensation On Cannabis

Spending 130K On Cannabis

It was in 2003, when Sally Smith, was hit by a car, while she was trying to cross a street.  This accident, left her very vulnerable and in a wheel chair.  After going to trial and a lot of discussions, Sally was given a 130K compensation for the accident, but the courts now found out, that she has spent it all on cannabis.  

It was after the accident, that Sally started feeling a lot of pain and this is when she decided to develop a 40-joint per day habit.  This caused her to spend a lot of money on marijuana and soon she was trying to supply some of her friends and people that she knows.  

On July of this year, Sally, was caught supplying some marijuana and this is how she was taken back to court.  It was here, that the judges found out about her spending all of her compensation money on this herb and she was sentenced to some time in jail, as supplying marijuana, is still not legal in this part of England.  

Should Sally Be Jailed For Supplying Cannabis?

While many people disagree with people like Sally being jailed, we are still obliged to follow the law and if it is not legal to supply this herb in England, she really must pay for her crime.  At Zip 420, we believe that cannabis should be legalized and that people like Sally should not be jailed, as there are plenty of other crimes, which are more dangerous to our societies, than supplying some herb to another person. 

We now know, that marijuana is a medicine and Sally proved it, when she spent all of her compensation money on this herb.  When Sally was taken to court for supplying marijuana to other people, her lawyer stated "she turned to smoking cannabis as a way of dealing with those demons and making her day to day life all the more tolerable.  She couldn't cope with having that much money and it all went far too soon.  It wasn't a desire to make money or a profit. It was about making sure that pain was not so acute."

Many people, have experienced things similar to what Sally experienced and many of them are jailed as well.  At Zip 420, we believe that this should not be a cause to be sent to jail, as they were only trying to improve their daily lives and trying to help other as well.  It is time, for the world to understand that marijuana is a medicine and not a herb.  It is time to stop jailing people for supplying, growing or consuming cannabis, as this is only affecting our societies and it is certainly affecting our governments funds.  

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