Monday, October 14, 2013

The Story Of A Family Sustained By Marijuana

Growing Marijuana In The Forest

It has been a long time, since people have been emigrating to the US and some have really taken advantage of this opportunity.  There are many stories, of entire families joining forces and earning tons of money and there are some, which even involve growing marijuana. 

According to some stories, there are some parts of the US, where the soil is perfect for growing this herb and it was a few decades ago, when an entire family, decided to move from Mexico to one of these parts of the US.  It was here, that they began working for some of the forest protection services in their town and it was this job, that gave them the opportunity to know the land, as well as they know the palm of their hands.

After knowing the land, this family began noticing, that the soil in their new home and region, was ideal for growing more than just trees and other eatables, but that it was perfect for growing marijuana too.  They also started noticing the right plots of lands for growing this herb, without being noticed and they also started remembering the forest rangers' schedule, as well as some as parts of the forest, which had the most sunlight per day.  


Growing Quality Marijuana For Money

It did not take long for them to start growing some excellent herb and to sell it, in some of the towns nearby. One of the family members, had learned how to grow "sin semilla" marijuana, which involves taking out the male plants, before they can spill their pollen into the female plants and it was this kind of herb, which earned them tons of money in the towns nearby. 

After a few seasons, they began investing in other businesses in their town and it was not long after, that they were seen as a respected family, not as they had been seen before.  Although, they were able to hide their marijuana plantations for a long time, as there were still not many people going into the forests and not many helicopters were available, it did not take long for some government offices, to notice their immense fortune and it was this, what finally brought them down. 

When the raid took place, some of the main members of the family were supervising the harvest and they were easily arrested.  After a long trial, the judge decided to sentence them to more than twenty years in jail and their sentence was recently completed. 

It is now said, that one of the main members lives in one of the US States, where marijuana is now legal and that he has received a medical approval, for purchasing cannabis legally.  He is now smoking this herb, to alleviate his back pain and this is certainly very ironic. 
Marijuana is a medicine and we should not be putting people in jail for it.  Please remember to share and like this article and to subscribe to our free mailing list, by leaving us your email in the box to the right. 
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