Thursday, October 17, 2013

University Of Toledo Hosts Medical Cannabis Debate

It has now been several years, since we are hearing about all these medical cannabis debates around the world and many of them, have received some positive comments, towards the legalization of this herb.  It is now more than obvious, that marijuana prohibition does not work and that it never will.  These sorts of debates, will help people to understand, that cannabis is a medicine and that we must end its prohibition around the world.  

The University of Toledo, was now the host of one of these medical cannabis debates and it took place last October 11th.  The lecture and debate, took place in the university's Nitschke Auditorium, which added some professionalism to this event.  

Cheryl Shuman, was only one of the physicians, who spoke at this event and just like many others, she told the public about her experience with medical marijuana and why she believes that this herb needs to be legalized right now.  

We have all seen, people change their minds and this usually happens, when they listen to experts talk about certain topics and learn more about them.  Shuman, has been called by many, "The Martha Stewart of Marijuana" and she is one of the people, who now uses marijuana as a medicine, to battle cancer.

Shuman, is also an international supporter of the legalization of marijuana and during her speech at the University of Toledo, she made some very interesting points, about why this herb need to be legalized worldwide.  "We are putting a face to the movement.  As goes Ohio, so goes the nation. It works for me. It works as a medicine.  As I said in my speech, it was legal for thousands of years, and then prohibition came along and it ruined it for everybody.  This is about re-education and a re-legalization campaign," were Shuman's exact words after the debate.  

It is good that we are having these kinds of debates all over the world, because this is the only way, that people will understand how valuable cannabis is and how it can help people with certain diseases.  It is time to end prohibition and people like Cheryl Shuman are helping us to make our point.  We want to thank her and all international cannabis supporters, because without them, we would not be able to re-educate people about how useful marijuana really is.  

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