Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hanover Might Get A New Medical Marihuana Company

Medical Marihuana Companies Are Increasing Their Reach

As the legalization of marihuana continues to move one, there are now many companies and enterprises, which are looking to form their own medical cannabis section and one of them, is already thinking about moving to the city of Hanover in Canada.  Today, Hanover, has been selected as one of the primary cities to grow marihuana and this is the main reason, why some companies are very interested in moving to this place. 
A business based in Waterloo, is now trying to establish itself in Hanover, with help of the licenses approved by Health Canada.  Neither the company's name or the desired growing location, has been disclosed, but Hanover authorities have already made public this company's interest in their territory and it is very likely, that they will be allowed to establish themselves, in this Canadian city. 
Kathi Maskell, who is the current Mayor of the city of Hanover, declared in an interview on Monday, that there are some interested companies in this industry and that they decided to make their proposals public, as this is not a very common request.  "This is different and perhaps could be controversial.  We want people to be aware this is in the works. It has always been important to the council that we keep citizens informed," were her exact words. 

Waiting For Health Canada's Approval

According to the sources, this medical marihuana company, is only waiting for Health Canada's approval on this and they would then have the right, to establish themselves in Hanover.  The rules specify, that only people who have been approved, will be able to get medical cannabis from this company delivered to their homes and this is why, almost everyone is confident that the approval will come very soon. 
Mike Dunlop, who is Hanover's chief administrative officer, stated that they are still looking at the proposal from this medical marihuana company and that they still need to review some of the information.  This information, was just provided to Hanover's city council on Monday, which is why it should not be long, before we hear something about this medical marihuana establishing itself in this Canadian city. 
We expect Health Canada's and Hanover city council, to provide a response to this company's proposal within the next five weeks, which is certainly not a long time and we hope that their proposal is accepted.  Please, don't forget to click some social buttons below, so that more people can read about this new medical marihuana proposal and support it too.  You can also subscribe to our free mailing list, by leaving us your email in the box to the right and we will send you more interesting information about marihuana and its legalization. 

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