Wednesday, November 6, 2013

German Expert Believes In The Legalization of Marijuana

The Legalization of Marijuana Is Now Supported By Millions

Hans Jorg Albrecht, who is the director of the Max Planck Institute, stated that in Europe, each country has its own criteria over legalizing cannabis, but that most countries are not very strict with its consumption, which only proves that this herb is soon to be legalized. 
He also stated that marijuana is the most popular substance amongst young people and that this is something that will probably never change. Most of  Europe's territory, is ideal for growing marijuana and there is also tons of information, which can be of aid, to those people who have never grown this herb in the past.  Albrecht also stated, that marijuana is now being grown indoors mostly and that there is no proof, about the consumption of marijuana leading to harder drug consumption or any "craziness".   
Albrecht also said that international convention, need to be open minded about change and that the liberty to experiment, should exist. Albrecht, was invited to speak at  a conference in Uruguay, which is set to become the first country to fully legalize marijuana very soon and he did make some very good points. 

What Some Uruguay Government Officials Think

Sebastian Sabini, who is a high rank Uruguay government official, stated that the current marijuana traffic actions are "absolutely inefficient" and that the new marijuana legalization project, will help to regulate this, as well as the herb's quality and its price.  With the new cannabis legalization in Uruguay, the government will also be able to control the sale to minors and that there will not be any marketing allowed. 
According to Juan Vaz, who is part of the Cannabis Study Center in Uruguay, the number of people who consume marijuana, is underestimated and that the number is sure to grow, once this herb is fully legalized.  Raquel Pey-raube, who is a toxicologist, stated that there are no clues or evidence, which proves that marijuana is the so called "door" to other substances and she also stated, that there is proof about marijuana alleviating many illnesses and pains. 
It is time to follow Uruguay's leadership and legalize marijuana all over the world.  There is really no reason for keeping it illegal, if many people can benefit from it and even government can make tons of money.  Marijuana will be legal worldwide one day and Zip 420 will be here to inform you. 
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