Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Age To Buy Bongs

Good News For Everyone Who Likes Marijuana

Today, we want to tell you about a great decision, made by the City Council of New York.  Now, the minimum age for buying tobacco, will be 21, yet the age for buying bongs, will remain the same.  This means, that young adults, will still be able to buy some of the pipes and bongs that they like best, so they can toke all day long. 
There is no doubt, about young people liking marijuana and today, the National Institute of Drug Abuse, has admitted that the number of young adults that prefer marijuana over tobacco, is rapidly growing.  This was also proved, with one of the last surveys at State colleges and this also means, that there will be more support for the legalization of cannabis in the next couple of years. 
E-cigarettes, will also be sold only to people older than 21 years of age and this means that society is changing their mind about weed everywhere.  We should be happy with these new laws, because this shows how governments are not longer as concerned with cannabis as they used to be and that more people are now opting to legalize this herb. 
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