Tuesday, November 26, 2013

High Hopes For Marijuana In 2014

2014 Is A Promising Year For Marijuana Legalization

As more people support the legalization of marijuana worldwide, 2014 is looking like a better year, for all marijuana activists.  Not only, are some US States already changing their laws about this herb, but more countries are doing the same and more people are now opting to vote in favor of legalizing cannabis everywhere. 
The legalization of cannabis in the States of Colorado and Washington, have increased everyone's hope, on getting this herb legalized and it is certainly opening up the minds of lots of people, who were against this in the past. 
John Hudak, who is part of the Brookings Institution governance studies, stated "We have a bunch of stereotypes about the marijuana movement and lobbying effort as a bunch of college kids who want to smoke weed.  The marijuana lobby is coming out of the shadows from this avant-garde movement to people who are thinking about legalization in a very rational, serious, and empirical way."
The number of people, who now think that legalizing marijuana is not a bad idea at all, has also increased a lot in the last couple of years and this shows, how the majority is now in favor of making cannabis legal worldwide. 
According to Erik Altieri, who is NORML's director of communications, "Marijuana legislation has gone from something very abstract and something you may have supported to something very real and also possible and it’s happening.” 
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