Wednesday, January 8, 2014

TSX Could Soon Get A Medical Marijuana Producer

A Medical Marijuana Producer May Be Added To TSX

Investing is one of the most important parts of our economy and today, the medical marijuana and recreational cannabis industries, might be one of the best investments out there.  According to some recent news, a medical marijuana producer, might soon be added to TSX, which means that investors will be able to buy stock in this company and try their luck with it. 
The name of this cannabis related company is, Tweed Inc. and some Canadian entrepreneurs, have already made a bid, in order to make this company public at TSX.  Tweed Inc. has gained popularity in recent months, as they bought some of the health businesses, before Canadians accepted some of their new medical cannabis laws.  Tweed, has grown a lot in the last few months and this means that they will surely become a public company very soon. 
According to Debbie Weinstein, who is the director of LW Capital Pool, which is the group that is trying to make Tweed Inc. public at TSX, "Ignoring the sexiness ... our board felt very comfortable in being able to analyze the pros and cons of the business plans and operations, and then of course we couldn't ignore the hype and marketing around this particular industry."
Some of these entrepreneurs, stated that managing Tweed, would not be any different, than managing any other tech company out there and that they believe this is one of the best industries to invest in right now. 
This proves how cannabis is now becoming an even more important part of our lives and how many people are now thinking about making this their business.  Please share and like this blog post, so that more people can read about Tweed becoming a public company.  You can also subscribe to our free mailing list, by leaving us your email in the box to the right and we will send you more information about marijuana. 

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