Thursday, January 2, 2014

Is Legal Marijuana In Colorado Going To Affect Mexican Drug Cartels?

Marijuana Is Now Legal In Colorado

We are now in 2014 and there are news all over the web, the radio, TV and newspapers, about marijuana being legally for the first time in Colorado.  There is tons of information about how some of the cannabis stores open their doors for recreational smokers for the first time and what many people were saying during this important day, in "Stoner's History". 
What many have not realized, is that these new marijuana laws, will have an effect in many places of the world and that even Mexican drug cartels, might be affected by them.  Mexico's drug cartel problems, are no longer a secret and these new laws in Colorado, might very well, help to reduce the violence and crime rate, in Mexico. 
I was reading an article at Chron and it talked about these new cannabis legalization in Colorado, helping to stop the immense profits that Mexican drug cartels make, from selling their weed in the US.  The article has some very interesting data, about marijuana being around 30% of the cartels' entire profits and how legalizing marijuana in Colorado, could help Mexican authorities, to finally put a stop to all the terrible things that are going on in their territory. 

Legalizing Marijuana Will Bring Peace Around The World

Chron's article, also talks about how Mexican drug cartels might not be affected as much, by Colorado legalizing cannabis, as this is not a very large State and they do not have too many people, who consume this herb.  The article also talks about how different it would be, if a State like Texas, were to legalize marijuana, as this is a much larger State, with a much larger cannabis smoking population and it also borders Mexico, which means it is an important market for several drug cartels.
I believe, that it is only a matter of time, until marijuana is legalized in more States and that Mexican cartels really do get affected by this.  It is obvious, that some will manage to get in front of some of these new legal marijuana businesses and that they will continue to make some huge profits from this plant, but there will also be many, that will not make the transition and that will be erased from the map.
Legalizing marijuana in Colorado, is one of the smartest things that any government could do and this will be proven in a very short time.  Please help to share the work, by clicking some of the social buttons below and by subscribing to our free mailing list, by leaving us your email in the box to the right. 
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