Thursday, January 30, 2014

Will Mexico Legalize Marijuana Next?

Politicians In Mexico Want To Legalize Marijuana

Marijuana legalization is now happening worldwide and some of the politicians in Mexico, are now talking about changing some of the current cannabis laws in this country.  It was back in 2009, when Mexico decided to allow citizens to posses up to 5 grams of marijuana, which is about .18 ounces.  Now, politicians in the capital city of Mexico, want to change this and it is very likely that they will win. 
While it can be said that marijuana is already legal in Mexico, the truth is that the laws still do not allow a person to grow cannabis plants in their homes or to purchase and sell this herb.  There is still a long road for legalizing marijuana in Mexico, but thanks to some politicians from the opposition, (which is the leading party in the capital city of this country), the minimum amount of marijuana a person can posses, may be raised from 5 grams to 35. 
This is definitely not a lot of marijuana for a person who needs it as medicine or someone who smokes this herb on a daily basis, but it is surely another step towards ending prohibition in Mexico and the world.    
It is now widely known that Mexico, is suffering from a fierce drug cartel war and there are many politicians, citizens and experts, who believe legalizing marijuana is a good way to start controlling this immense problem.    
The initiative for raising the legal amount of marijuana a Mexican citizen can posses, will be proposed in the next two weeks and since the party that is proposing it, has governed the capital city and other states since 1997, it is very likely that Mexico will soon be a step closer, to making cannabis legal.
The main goal of these changes to the marijuana laws in Mexico, is to not get as many people prosecuted and sent to jail.  This will reduce the amount the government has to spend and it will also not put innocent people in jail. 
Hopefully, this initiative is passed in the next couple of weeks and citizens of Mexico can carry more marijuana with them.  It will not be long, until Mexico decides to fully legalize marijuana and let their people grow this herb, but it is all about taking a few steps at a time and waiting for the right moment to do this. 
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