Thursday, July 3, 2014

The First Medical Marijuana Farmers Market Is Opening Its Doors This Weekend In LA

This 4th Of July Weekend Will Bring The First Medical Cannabis Farmers Market To LA

Like we have said many times in this blog, the marijuana legalization movement is only gaining more territory every day and today we want to tell you about the first medical marijuana farmers market in LA.  Yes, you read right!  There will be a medical cannabis farmers market in Los Angeles. 

It will be this Fourth of July weekend, when the California Heritage Market, first opens its doors to the public, at the Boyle Heights’ West Coast Collective.  This place, will allow people with official ID to offer their fresh medicinal marijuana to patients and people who really do need this plant to survive. 

Paizley Bradbury, who is the executive director of the West Coast Collective, said “what we’re doing is giving patients in L.A access to better, more affordable medicine.  With dispensaries, the medicine can get pretty pricey.  By removing the middle man, patients will be getting medicine direct from vendors for what is essentially a wholesale price.” 

Bradbury also talked about the 50 vendors who will be part of this new medicinal cannabis farmers market and who will be offering some of their freshest buds and edibles to patients.  The market will be located on a 15000 square foot space in Boyle Heights, at 1500 Esperanza Street and it will be open from 10 am to 8 pm this Fourth of July Weekend.

Bradbury also stated that they are doing everything that the California law requires them to do and that all medical marijuana cards will be checked. 

It is nice that some entrepreneurs are thinking of getting better prices for medical marijuana patients and it is great to hear that farmer markets like this one are going to start appearing everywhere soon. 

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