Friday, July 25, 2014

10 Countries That Might Fully Legalize Marijuana Next

More Countries Are Thinking About Marijuana Legalization

You probably already know that there are several countries thinking about fully legalizing marijuana, but you might not know about all the 10 countries that we are going to mention here.  If all of the countries that we are going to mention here, do decide to legalize marijuana, we will certainly have a better world and soon the rest of the countries will follow too.

So without any further delay, here are the 10 countries that might legalize cannabis next

  1. Jamaica - While many think that marijuana is legal on this island, the truth is that it isn't, but its politicians are already considering it and most of its population is in favor of legalizing the herb that Bob Marley loved so much.  
  2. Spain - Although cannabis is still not legal here either, Spain is a little more advance, as they already have an underground culture, where people are allowed to grow, share and consume this herb.  The city of Barcelona, now has many cannabis clubs, which are becoming more popular every single day.  
  3. Czech Republic - It was back in 2013, when this country decided to decriminalize marijuana for medicinal purposes, yet, the Czech Republic is very accepting of this herb and before legalizing it for medical reasons, they had already allowed people to grow up to five cannabis plant for personal use.  Today, many people smoke marijuana in the Czech Republic and most do not have any problems with it.  Even tourists are choosing this country as a favorite destination, which means cannabis could become fully legal here very soon.  
  4. Colombia - This South American country, has suffered from the drug war, since it began more than 40 years ago.  Today, President Juan Manuel Santos, has declared the war on drugs to be a complete failure and is seriously considering legalizing marijuana.  
  5. Costa Rica - At the moment, this country does not arrest people for smoking marijuana, but treat them as people who need medical help.  Costa Rica, has also decriminalized the possession and consumption of cannabis, yet people are not allowed to grow it.  Some changes to Costa Rica's cannabis laws, are sure to rise soon.  
  6. Portugal - This country has been treating drug addiction to all drugs, as a health problem since 2001 and they have had tremendous success.  Today, they are considering fully legalizing marijuana, because its population is now aware of the benefits, the risks and almost everything that is involved with this herb. 
  7. Peru - Citizens of this country, are already allowed to consume and posses up to eight grams of marijuana, yet the production and sale of cannabis, is still not legal.  Because their neighbor Uruguay, recently legalized marijuana, Peru might soon make changes to its laws as well.  
  8. Switzerland - People in this country, have been able to grow up to four plants of marijuana, consume and posses small amounts of this herb,  without any legal problems.  Most Swiss are neutral about this and although there are no plans to legalize marijuana here soon, it is as if it is already legal for citizens. 
  9. Mexico - Just like Colombia, Mexico has suffered dramatically from the so called "Drug on Wars" and legalization is right around the corner.  More than 60000 Mexicans have been killed since 2006 and thousands more are missing.  Some politicians, have already proposed two bills, which would make marijuana legal in Mexico, either for recreational or medicinal purposes and if this happens, more countries in South America, will start doing the same too.  
  10. Canada - While this country has accepted medicinal marijuana for a long time and is now involved 100% in the medical cannabis industry, marijuana is not legal for recreational purposes, but this might also change very soon.

Hopefully, all of these countries decide to fully legalize marijuana soon and others start following too!!!

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