Thursday, July 24, 2014

Patients Will Be Able To Grow Their Own Marijuana In Germany

Some Germans Will Be Allowed To Grow Medical Marijuana

It was just recently that the Cologne court in Germany, decided to allow people who suffer from certain diseases to grow their own medical marijuana and at Zip 420, we think this is an excellent idea.  These new laws, would allow medical cannabis patients, to grow their own herb for medicinal purposes and it would certainly solve many of the problems that they are experiencing right now.  

It all began, thanks to five patients, who complaint to the German court, as they were not allowed to grow their own herb at home and this was affecting their daily lives.  The court, immediately stated that three of the cases needed to be reconsidered and this is certainly fantastic news, for the medical marijuana world.  

All of these medical cannabis patients, want to start growing their own marijuana at home, because they cannot pay for some of the medical marijuana that is being offered in the market.  Most health insurance companies, still do not pay for medical cannabis and this is why these Germans, decided to complaint to the Cologne court.  

According to the court, three of the patients who complaint, should be allowed to grow their own cannabis, as they have the necessary permits and meet all requirements.  "This is not a carte blanche, for everyone to start growing cannabis at home - they have to be seriously ill people for whom nothing else works, other than cannabis", stated court spokesman Stefanie Seifert.  

The other two patients who complaint, did not get permission to grow their own medicinal marijuana, because they did not meet all requirements.  One of them, apparently does not have enough security to protect their plants from strangers and the other one, might have other medical options available to cure their illness.  

Overall, it is great that this German court allowed three people to start growing their own medicinal cannabis at home and that they will now have access to a medicine that they might not otherwise be able to afford.  Hopefully, more courts around the world, start allowing people in need to start growing their own and we finally legalize marijuana for both recreational and medicinal purposes worldwide.  

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