Saturday, July 12, 2014

Medical Marijuana Is Now Legal In New York

New York Has Legalized Medical Marijuana

It was earlier this week, when history was made, as New York became the 23rd US State to legalize medical marijuana.  This is not just great news for all of us who love cannabis, but it is amazing news, for all those patients in New York, who really need this herb.  

Governor Andrew Cuomo, signed the Compassionate Care Act, which allows people to consume marijuana for medicinal purposes and everybody at Zip 420, is really glad that he made this choice.  People who suffer from certain diseases and can benefit from marijuana, should be allowed to consume this herb, as it is a medicine and will help them in many ways.  

The new cannabis laws in New York, will allow people with terminal illnesses and other serious diseases, to consume marijuana, via edibles, vaporizers, oils and more.  Cuomo's exact words about these new laws were, "an important step toward bringing relief to patients living with extraordinary pain and illness.  The best that medical marijuana has to offer in the most protected, controlled way possible."  

As said above, Zip 420 is really glad that New York has now become a medical marijuana friendly State and we hope that more States and countries do too.  

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