Saturday, February 16, 2013

It’s Like Having A Real Medical Marijuana Dispensary In Your Phone

A Mobile Medical Marijuana Dispensary

If you smoke medical cannabis and live in one of States that allow it, you can now make use of an incredible resource, to learn more about the cannabis strains that are in your local medical marijuana dispensary, what they can do for you and more. The site I am talking about is and it is really amazing.

Here you will be able to explore some of the most common cannabis strains and even some of the most unique ones. You will be able to read an interesting review about each one of them and they have even integrated a rating system, which categorizes cannabis strains into good or bad.

Leafly now has their own mobile apps and you can find them in the Android Market and Apple Store. This makes it extremely easy to discover new cannabis strains on the go and it also helps patients to decide, which the best strain for them is.

One of the featured cannabis strains at the moment is, “Diablo” and according to its review, it has a THC content of more than 20%. I would certainly love to have some of that right now! This strain currently has a 7.9 rating, but after reading some of the reviews, I am pretty sure that it is a great cannabis strain.

Places WereYou Can Find A Medical Marijuana Dispensary

After searching for the cannabis strains that you like the most, you can easily use the app or normal website to search for the closest medical marijuana dispensary and because there are now so many locations shown in Leafly, you will have no problem finding one.

Today, you can use this service to find cannabis dispensaries in California, Colorado, Washington, Arizona, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, Rhode Island and many more.  There are cannabis dispensaries from all the major cities in these States, like Los Angeles, Denver, Seattle and others.

After you have browse through the cannabis strains and found a local medical cannabis dispensary, you can your favorite cannabis strains to your shopping list, so that you don’t forget to buy them when you are at the dispensary.

MoreFeatures For Your Mobile Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Besides the things I mentioned above, having the Leafly app installed in your mobile device or tablet, will also allow you to create personal journal entries, which you can use to note some of the things that you have liked about certain cannabis strains and to keep a close record of your results.

Overall, this service is very useful and if you are a medical cannabis patient, you will surely find a great use for it. We all get confused with so many medical cannabis strains out there and Leafly has just made it easier to learn what each of the strains does and how it tastes.

I am simply loving Leafly’s Android App and if you appreciate medical cannabis, please help by sharing and liking this post, so that more people can find out about this medical marijuana dispensary service.

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