Monday, December 30, 2013

Best Of 2013

Zip 420 Presents The Best Of 2013

I want to apologize, for not posting new articles these last few days, but I spent Christmas with the family, so I was not near my computer much.  Hope you had an excellent time too and that 2014 is a better year for you all. 
In this blog post, I will tell you about some of the most popular articles in our blog during 2013 and even though you might have already read these, there might be some people who haven't and they might help them learn something new about cannabis.  

Buying Marijuana Online

One of the most popular articles this year, was "You Can Now Buy Marijuana Online".  This blog post, walked about the different ways that you can buy marijuana online and how you can protect yourself, if you do get involved in this activity. 

Marijuana Prices In Mexico

Another blog post that was very popular in 2013 was "Marijuana Prices In Mexico Are Incredibly Low" and it tells about how the price of cannabis is a lot cheaper in this country, than what it is in other countries of the world.   

Famous Marijuana Smokers

Celebrities who smoke cannabis, will always be centers of attention and this is why, "Famous Marijuana Smokers", was another one of our popular posts.  You can read this article to find out more about some of the most popular celebrities, who enjoy talking about weed and why it should become legal worldwide. 
"More Female Celebrities Admit To Smoking Marijuana", was another article featuring famous women who enjoy smoking cannabis and it talks about what some of these women think about this herb.  When you read what they have to say, it is obvious that weed is not dangerous at all and that it is time to legalize this plant.   

Something About Hydroponics Weed

"Living Off Hydroponics Weed" was another article that was very popular at Zip 420 during 2013.  It talks about some people who live off selling hydroponic weed, which they grow inside their homes.  Although, this may be illegal in many places of the world, it is now becoming legal in some and we are certain that it will soon be legal everywhere. 

The Best Of 2013 @ Zip 420

I hope that you have enjoyed the articles at Zip 420 and we will do our best to keep  you informed about marijuana in 2014.  We expect the best for cannabis next year and we know that the legalization of marijuana is soon to come.  Let's do our best to promote this and try to make this dream come true!
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