Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A New Cannabis University In Florida

Florida Will Have A Cannabis University

What was once the Garcia Y Vega Cigar Factory, located in West Tampa Bay, Florida, will now become a Cannabis  University.  This 131 year old building will now be the first medical marijuana education facility in the State of Florida and it is all thanks to a man named Jeremy Bufford.  

Bufford, is planning to hire some marijuana growers, some professional botanists, some experienced researchers, lab technicians,  security personnel and other people, to help him start the Cannabis University.  Florida may soon legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes and if this happens, Bufford, wants to be ready for it.  

Bufford's exact words about what his university will be offering were, "This is a month long course that will deep  dive into cannabis from historical, legal, botanical and a pharmacological  perspective." This is sure  to be a very helpful course, for anyone who want to learn more about marijuana or want to get involved in this upcoming industry.  

People Are Already Signing Up For The Cannabis University

Even if it sounds unreal, some people are already signing up for the university and many are already considering it too.  Rachelle Roach, is one of the people, who will be part of this university's first class.   She is amazed by some of the information about cannabis and she has already achieved a master's degree on nutrition as well.  According to Roach, "marijuana is a plant that has a lot of healing properties and nutrients.  We believe this industry will be mainstream in the next 5 to 10 years."

Bufford also made comments about the cannabis industry and he said, "we know that the opportunities for the medical marijuana industry in 2015 and beyond are life changing.  Not just for the patients we're going  to be assisting, but also the economic support impact it will bring to the area."

The medical cannabis amendment in Florida, is still around 10 months away from now, but there are lots of hopes on it being approved and making medical marijuana legal in the State.  We need to keep promoting the legalization of cannabis worldwide and we can only do it, if you help us by sharing and liking this article and blog.  

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