Friday, February 7, 2014

President Of Uruguay Is Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize For Legalizing Cannabis

A Nobel Peace Prize For Legalizing Cannabis

We have talked about Uruguay's recent marijuana legalization and how important this will be, for legalizing this herb all over the world.  Now, the President of Uruguay, who made this happen, is being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, as this is certainly an accomplishment, which will solve many of the current problems that the world has. 
The Drugs Peace Institute, which has backed President Mujica's decision on legalizing marijuana for more than two years now, is also supporting his nomination to the Nobel Peace Prize this year, as are many of his followers and fellow politicians. 
According to the Drugs Peace Institute, the decision of legalizing cannabis in Uruguay is, "a symbol of hand outstretched, of a new era in a divided world." The Dutch NGO, also commented about this on their website and they stated, "It is a promise to bridge the gap between defiant marijuana consumers and the prohibiting society.  Hopefully, the start of the acceptance of this consumption by society and the concomitant development of understanding of its use as a natural medicine, historically used for spiritual liberation, might initiate a process of healing in a world, very confused and deeply divided, over its religious legacy."
President Mujica, decided to accept these new marijuana laws in Uruguay, because he believes this is an excellent way to stop the illegal drugs trade in this country and other parts of the world.  He believes criminal activity will drop and that many people will benefit from this new legal herbal medicine. 
It is great news that President Mujica is being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize this year and if he wins this award, marijuana legalization will surely continue to take place in other countries of the world.  Let's all support President Mujica and his decision to make marijuana legal in Uruguay, as this is the first step, towards making other countries and presidents, understand that this is the only way to solve many of the problems that our society currently has. 
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