Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jamaica May Be Legalizing Marijuana Soon Too!

Marijuana May Become Legal In Jamaica

While many people believe that marijuana is completely legal in Jamaica, the truth is that millions of people from this country, are arrested every year for possessing this herb and even some tourists have been jailed for this.  Now, some of the government officials in Jamaica, are looking to decriminalize the use of cannabis and they are doing this for several reasons.  

Philip Paulwell, who is the energy minister and is also one of the leaders in Jamaica's government business in parliament, stated that he will work on decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of cannabis on the island and that he expects to have some positive results by the end of the year.  

Making marijuana legal in Jamaica, would immediately cut down the number of criminal cases related to this herb, which can sometimes reach as many as one million per  week.  Legalizing cannabis on this Caribbean island, would also make it easier for tourists to consume some cannabis here, without having to worry about the police or being arrested.   

Marijuana legalization proposals in Jamaica, has been mentioned here since 2001 and there is even a National Commission on Ganja, which is working towards getting this done.  The Cannabis Future Growers and Producers Association, was also created this past month and there is also a plan, to launch a commercial medical marijuana business by December.  

A Little More About Marijuana In Jamaica

Marijuana or ganja, as most people know cannabis in Jamaica, can be found for less than five dollars an ounce here, which is why this island has a very long history with this herb.  It was in 1913, when the cultivation and import of marijuana became illegal here, but there are still some senior citizens, who remember when marijuana was sold in Jamaica as a cure for everything.  

During the 1970s and 1980s, there were several studies and projects, about the medicinal uses of marijuana and they really helped the world to learn more about this herb.  Local authorities in Jamaica, have some tolerance towards small  amounts of cannabis and not all ganja users are arrested or prosecuted, but those who are, really suffer the consequences and have problems later in life.  

Having a criminal record in Jamaica, can affect people's lives, because they have problems finding a job or even getting a visa to travel outside the country.  This is why, legalizing marijuana in Jamaica, is a great idea and many citizens of this island, would vote in  favor of doing so.  

Ending cannabis prohibition in Jamaica, would also allow courts and police officers, to have more time to work on other cases and to solve other problems.   While the new proposals, will still not allow people to grow or trade marijuana in very large quantities, many people will benefit from them and Jamaica will become a friendlier place for cannabis users.  

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