Monday, February 10, 2014

Medical Marijuana Bill Introduced In Florida

Legislators Introduce A Medical Marijuana Bill In Florida

The legalization of cannabis, is now happening in many places of the world and today, legislators in Florida, decided to surprise many people, with the introduction of a medical marijuana bill.  There were several identical bills introduced this Monday in Florida and they are all meant to help make medical cannabis legal during 2014. 
Senators Joe Saunders and Jeff Clemens, who are both democrats, even decided to bring several of their family members and patients that they know, to the bill's unveiling, which proved that there is nothing radical about making this herb legal once again. 
The legislators, decided to unveil this new medical marijuana bill, before some constitutional amendments are made public next November.  This measure, should help to legalize medical cannabis in the State of Florida and it may happen, sooner than we all expected.

Interesting Medical Marijuana Bill In Florida

Cathy Jordan, who is the President of the Florida Cannabis Action Network, said "this bill puts patients before politics."  While the bill, would have some very strict regulations statewide and would allow doctors, to prescribe this herb to patients who have conditions such as HIV, cancer and ALS, it is certainly a huge step towards the ending of cannabis prohibition. 
Both houses of the State Legislature, received a copy of the proposed medical marijuana bill and according to some experts, this will help the bill to get accepted.  The amendment was also accepted by the Florida Supreme Court and if during the November poll, more than 50% of voters approve the bill, it will get accepted. 
According to some polls in the State, it is very likely that the bill is accepted and this means that the US may soon have another medical marijuana State.  Let's hope that this bill is accepted next November and that patients can finally have access to this herb.  Please remember to share and like this article, so that more people can read about this new medical marijuana bill in Florida and to help make it a reality. 

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