Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Leftist Mexican Politics Continue To Move Towards Marijuana Legalization

Mexican Leftist Party Is Proposing A Medical Marijuana Bill

It was just a few weeks ago, that some leftist politicians in Mexico, stated that they wanted to increase the minimum marijuana possession from 5 grams, to 30 and now they are proposing a new medical marijuana bill.  This is happening, just after countries like the United States and Uruguay, are changing their laws on cannabis and proves that other countries are looking towards ending marijuana prohibition once and for all. 

Mexico has been under war for several years now and leftist politicians believe that this newly proposed bill, will help to solve some of the security problems, that are affecting many States now.  They stated that this is a new approach, towards legalizing cannabis in Mexico and they believe it should be accepted soon.  

This new medical marijuana bill, is only one of the many efforts, that the leftist political party in Mexico, has tried over the past few years.  Because 20 States of the US, have already legalized this herb for either medicinal or recreational purposes, leftist politicians in Mexico believe that they must follow their lead and end prohibition as well.  

Another bill, to make marijuana sales in Mexico City legal, is also on its way and it is estimated to be made public in March.  If these bills are accepted in the Mexican capital, it is very likely that other States will follow too and things may change here radically, very soon.  

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