Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Next Decade Will Turn Marijuana Into The Single Best Investment Idea

Todd Harrison's Opinion On Marijuana Being The Best Investment Idea

Marijuana is becoming more popular every day and today, investors are certain that it will play a very important factor in the next decade.  Todd Harrison, who is the CEO and founder of Minyanville, a financial media company on the web, believes marijuana "will be the single best investment idea for the next ten years."

He also thinks that the legalization of cannabis will take in more States of the US, because they will need to get more taxes.  He talked about the $134 million that cannabis legalization can generate for the State of Colorado during the next fiscal year and he said that this is barely the beginning.  

Harrison called Colorado, the "litmus test", as he believes this is going to help the entire legalization of cannabis and that it is only the first step, towards out main goal.  Harrison also mentioned that legalizing marijuana, would lower some crime rates and the prison populations will return to a normal level as well.  

The New York Times, also published a report, stating that at least half of the States in the US, are thinking about legalizing marijuana, either for medicinal or recreational purposes.  This only shows how the efforts for legalizing this herb are taking effect and are finally yielding some positive results.  

Experts believe that the legal marijuana market, will grow at least 60% in 2014, generating more than $2 billion, instead of the $1.44 billion, which it has generated in previous years.  While Wall Street is still not involved in the marijuana market, people like Harrison and other investors, are now certain that it will some day become part of it and that it will be one of the best investments in the near future.  

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